Network Level Privacy


Zooming Out

  1. Private UTXO Retrieval
  2. Private Transaction Broadcasting

Bitcoin Core

Private UTXO Retrieval

Private Transaction Broadcasting

Adversaries Identified

  • Malicious Peer
  • Supernode

Bitcoin Core + Tor

Adversaries Identified

  • Tor Breaker

Wasabi Wallet

Private Transaction Broadcasting

  • We did it in a way that we only connect to onion nodes, so end to end encryption is now enforced between us and our peers. All this without involving any exit node.
  • We connect to each peer through a different Tor stream.
  • This enabled us to replace our transaction broadcasting mechanism. Now, we broadcast transactions to only one peer over Tor and immediately after that we disconnect the peer.

Private UTXO Retrieval

Adversaries Identified

  • ISP
  • Tor Breaker Sybil Attacker With Thousands Of Full Nodes Over Onion

Wasabi Wallet + Full Node

Private UTXO Retrieval

Putting It All Together


To be useful, security metrics should reflect the difficulty an adversary has in overcoming them. — entropist

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