A Plea for Support: The Meatspace Struggle of Bitcoin Privacy Pioneer Chris Belcher

2 min readAug 7, 2023


We need these rapid trials, and I need them quickly

Dear Bitcoiners,

I am nopara73, inventor of Wasabi Wallet. Today, I write with a heavy heart about a dear friend and respected peer who has made tremendous contributions to Bitcoin privacy: Chris Belcher, the creator of JoinMarket.

Ever since I have known him, Chris has been a relentless advocate for privacy, dedicating countless hours to developing groundbreaking privacy solutions such as coinjoins, payjoins and coinswaps. However, as he stated in a recent update of his Work Diary, for over a year now, he has been battling with long covid, which has effectively paused his life and work.

Chris has been forced to isolate in a dark room, unable to read, write code, or interact much with the outside world. Experimental treatments have shown limited success, and Chris’s condition has gradually worsened over time. Despite his incapacitating circumstances, Chris remains committed to his mission and eagerly awaits medical advancements that might alleviate his condition.

Our community is indebted to Chris’s profound commitment and unparalleled contributions. And now, he needs our help. It is time for us to rally around Chris, offering him the same relentless support he has given us throughout his career.

A lot could be achieved just by speeding up the bureaucracy

This isn’t about fundraising, direct financial support, or even sharing ideas — since even I have been unable to get in touch with him. The goal here is to amplify Chris’s story until it reaches someone who can help. We must get his story to medical professionals, researchers, policymakers — anyone who can potentially expedite treatments for long Covid. The urgency of this situation cannot be overstated.

So if anyone reading this has any kind of influence, then I urgently need your help

Bitcoiners of the world arise! Let’s come together for one of our own. Use your platforms — social media, blogs, forums, and other channels — to share Chris’s story. Amplify this message and push it as far as it can go. This is a call to arms; let’s get Chris the help he desperately needs!

I’ve got important work to do. I shouldn’t be in this dark room for another day, let alone for the next several years or decades, which is how long this disease lasts

Chris’ Work Diary