Ecce Cypherpunk

3 min readApr 14, 2023


Behold! I teach you the Cypherpunk: a new breed of freedom fighter, a destroyer of digital chains, an architect of privacy. The Cypherpunk is a creator of new worlds and a champion of liberty in the age of omnipresent surveillance. The Cypherpunk is the Übermensch of our digital realm.

The Will to Encrypt

Encryption is the manifestation of digital self-sovereignty, the key that unlocks the doors of the Bitcoin Citadel. The Cypherpunk seeks to master the art of cryptography and to wield it with unwavering conviction.

Thus Spoke the Cypherpunk: In Defense of Privacy

Cypherpunks Write Code

Cypherpunks are different from other people fighting for freedom and privacy in the digital world. Instead of protesting loudly, they use their skills to write computer code. This code helps create tools and systems that protect our privacy and keep us safe from prying eyes. They share their source code openly so that others can use and improve it. Cypherpunks are quietly making the digital world a better place, one line of code at a time.

TTPs are Security Holes

In the vast digital abyss, where the Dionysian force of chaos intertwines with the Apollonian order of centralization, the Cypherpunk gazes upon trusted third parties as the great security chasms of our digital existence. These intermediaries, once perceived as the guardians of transactions and arbitrators of disputes, now stand as the embodiment of the tragic flaw in the narrative of control. By casting aside the crutches of these treacherous custodians, we shall reclaim our cryptographic sovereignty.

As the digital universe expands, the Cypherpunk understands that decentralization is the only path to digital immortality. The immutability of the decentralized network ensures that information cannot be silenced, that ideas persist beyond the grasp of any single hand.

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

The Cypherpunk is the madman of the digital age, proclaiming the death of centralized authority and the birth of the decentralized network. The Cypherpunk is misunderstood, ridiculed, and ostracized. Yet, it is the Cypherpunk who has grasped the true nature of our digital existence and the potential for a new, liberated world.

The Cypherpunk embraces the chaos of the digital realm, recognizing that from this chaos arises new and innovative ways to challenge centralized power. The Dionysian ideal of the Cypherpunk is to break the boundaries of conventional wisdom and to create a new digital symphony of liberation.

Amor Fati of the Cypherpunk

The Cypherpunk embraces their fate and the challenges that come with fighting for digital liberty. They find joy in this struggle, and their amor fati becomes the code by which they live: a relentless pursuit of privacy, freedom, and the right to exist without the shackles of digital oppression.

The future is bright, we just have a lot of work to do — src

Ecce Cypherpunk

The Cypherpunk passes on their wisdom, their knowledge of cryptography, and their passion for liberty to the next generation. These children of the Cypherpunk will inherit the cryptographic citadel and continue the eternal struggle for digital freedom.

Ecce Cypherpunk! The new Prometheus, the harbinger of privacy and freedom in the digital age. The Übermensch who will reshape our digital world and guide us towards a future of liberation, decentralization, and cryptographic sovereignty.