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  • John Newbery

    John Newbery

    I work on open source Bitcoin projects at @Chaincodelabs in NYC.

  • Giacomo Zucco

    Giacomo Zucco

  • Shinobi [SHI256]

    Shinobi [SHI256]

  • Tuur Demeester

    Tuur Demeester

    Economist & investor. Mainly Bitcoin.

  • Roy Sheinfeld

    Roy Sheinfeld

    Co-Founder and CEO of Breez (https://breez.technology)

  • Stepan


    Quantum physicist moving to Bitcoin development

  • Pavol Rusnak

    Pavol Rusnak

    Co-founder and CTO of @SatoshiLabs working on @TREZOR #cypherpunk #hacker #opensource #bitcoin #creativeAI #newmediaart #nixos

  • Jumar Macato

    Jumar Macato

    Software Dev at Wasabi Wallet & Avalonia UI Framework for .NET Core.

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