I personally simply use a linux as a host, I don’t install anything to it, except Bitcoin Core and Virtual Box and use virtual machine guests for different purposes. A linux for storing Bitcoin, a Windows 7 for developing on Windows, an Ubuntu for developing on Linux, I want to add an osx and a Windows 10 for testing, etc…

If any of the VM guest get infected whatever, it cannot break out of the VM guest. Of course it has limitations, like I am fucked if a ransomware gets to a VM that has shared folders or even that you need to be at all times inside the VM and it’s a little annoying that it cuts the memory half and stuff.

Of course this setup takes not only expertise, but years of getting used to. There are stupid unexpected problems, coming up from time to time, like how to use USB, you cannot play games inside a VM and stuff. I don’t think this approach is convenient enough for normal people.

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