Is it Bitcoin Cash or BCash?

Bitcoin Cash, BCash, BCH. Those who like the project, call it Bitcoin Cash, those who dislike, call it BCash.


The argument for BCash goes, like this: the only reason to call it Bitcoin Cash is to hijack the Bitcoin brand, otherwise, it would be just an altcoin with a big block size, however we already have 500 of such coins, so what is the value proposition of this altcoin, if not hijacking of the Bitcoin brand?

And the next step is when they start referring to BCH as Bitcoin, resulting real people being scammed, thinking they interacted with Bitcoin, while they did not.

To give credit, where credit is due, some prominent member of the BCH community acknowledges this next step is over the ethical limits:

Bitcoin Cash

Whenever someone calls it BCash, the other side gets emotional and says: “Don’t call it BCash, it’s Bitcoin Cash, ok?”

I can see how the first part of their statement makes sense: They consider it offensive. But I cannot see the logic behind the second part of their statement: “Call it Bitcoin Cash!”
I mean, I can only speculate: We should call it Bitcoin Cash, because they want to hijack the Bitcoin brand? That cannot be it. Are they really attempting to claim the moral high ground with unethical intentions? Is this the real reason why they decided calling it BCash is offensive in the first place? Because there is no Bitcoin in it, ergo they wouldn’t be able to as effectively co-opt Bitcoin’s network effect?

And that’s probably the reason. Probably many of them are not even aware of it. Isn’t calling it Bitcoin Cash more offensive towards Bitcoiners, because the name implies the intent is to takeover the Bitcoin brand, while calling it BCash is a statement, that “hey, hey, that takeover is not going to happen?”


Not sure if you have noticed, but I consistently called it BCH, not only in this post, because there are some people I respect in their community, who I believe genuinely want to make BCH succeed in a respectable way.

So how about I will continue not calling it BCash and you will start not calling it Bitcoin Cash? We both call it BCH? Isn’t that only fair? If not, please let me know why…

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