> Like 10 years ago I used to be a professional gambler and I really needed WMs.

You would be amazed by how much virtual machines developed. I started using them 7 years ago, it was extremely buggy, but literally in every release they fixed a bug I directly experienced. We are getting there:)

> I am also trying to store logins in browsers But that is ofc not so safe solution.

It’s not as bad as you think. It depends on the context. The attacker can steal the files it is stored, but won’t be able to do anything with it. It must first get access to your context, so the attacker has to execute the attack while you are on the computer and you are logged in. But usually not even this enough. I don’t remember which one Chrome or Firefox. One of it lets execute this attack (eg someone sit in your computer while you are logged in and fire up the passwords of your browser), but the other one requires password for that, too. Anyway you can fix it by simply modifying the default settings.
Plus I am using different password for everything (of corse there is an algorhitm I generate it in my mind, so I remember every password, but that’s not that obvious to figure out). Something like: If I log into Medium, then I take the last 3 letters of medium, find the corresponding numbers, based on the abc and use it in my password. Of course, this is not what I use, just gave an example.

> As my linux admin says. Normal people do not use linux for normal life. I have preinstalled linux only on backup home computer.

Meh, Linux has only a few viruses, because the target audience of viruses are not using it. Altough it is changing, because of androids, but nobody really want to write viruses for smartphones, there’s nothing much valuable they can store yet.

> I know… cypherpunks write code. They do not give a shit how it feels to use it.

Yes, I really want to change it. I’m not even near as good as these great experts, like Adam Back or Maxwell, but I think I have a unique sense of style and I can add value with it if I concentrate. Of course first things first. Stable product with minimal features is the priority and then I want to concentrate on user experience. I can’t wait to dig into the research.

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