Microsoft’s Evil Master Plan (GitHub)

GitHub is the Mecca of programmers and Microsoft is a terrible, giant corporation and has a long history of abusing its power to unbelievable extents. Thus, you are not on board with a bad actor acquiring a good actor.
That is flawless logic. And now, let me explain to you why you are going to personally benefit from this acquisition if you are anywhere near as heavy user of GitHub as me:

I’d score the 104th place of most active GitHub contributors on this list.

What We Know

Connecting The Dots

Microsoft is desperate to improve its image and developer relationships, because Windows is losing ground and their developer tools are coming up again. If you would be Microsoft what would you do? “Acquire the most beloved thing that open-source developers use, the very ones who hate us the most. And then: turn them. Even if we have to pay a hefty premium for it. Better, since GitHub is delivering virtually nothing lately, it will be a piece of cake for us to show off to our biggest haters how “great” company we are.”

There you go… This is Microsoft’s evil master plan. Make GitHub much better to silence its haters.

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