Ten Commandments of Bitcoin Maximalism

Jun 16, 2023


Lo and behold, I lay before thee the Ten Commandments of Bitcoin Maximalism

I. Thou shalt worship no other blockchain before Bitcoin

II. Thou shalt hold thine own private keys

III. Thou shalt feast upon the flesh of beasts

IV. Thou shalt ponder the mysterious bond between Bitcoin and Chess

V. Thou shalt not wear thy mask

VI. Upon further consideration, thou shalt wear thy mask, because it’s good for privacy

VII. Thou shalt traverse to the blessed soil of El Salvador

VIII. Thou shalt run thy own full node to fortify thine sovereignty


IX. Thou shalt command lightning to hasten the pace of thine trade

X. Thou shalt participate in coinjoins to uphold thine privacy


Amplify these sacred tenets: scatter these truths throughout the realms of cyberspace

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