Upcoming Wasabi Wallet Hard Fork

Background: Wasabi HardFork

Schnorr Blind Signatures

New Signing Key Every Round

Basic Unequal Input Mixing Extension

Mixing Today

Mixing After Hard Fork

  • First in order to later facilitate GroupSend and perfect mixes, the outputs at all times must be multiplications of the denomination.
  • Second, if the denominations are not fixed at registration time, the coordinator could trick and deanonymize the users.
  • Third, when there are many participants, it does not matter much, this will result in fairly optimal mix.
  • Lastly, this is a small tweak, that “resembles” Unequal Input Mixing, it is not something based on a fully developed research. We could create an optimal mixing scheme, but that would require complete reengineering, this scheme only requires introducing multiple signing keys per round and zero large protocol changes.


  • Faster, because you gain more anonymity per round.
  • Cheaper, because more anonymity will be gained per blockchain space used.

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