Transparency is an accountability tool, best applied when groups of individuals accumulate powers over other individuals, like governments, companies and other kinds of organizations. The open source ethos emphasizes accountability through transparency and that’s the mindset I’ve grown up in. In zkSNACKs and Wasabi Wallet everything was public, not only the source code but also our security related configuration options. Nothing illustrates better our extreme adherence to transparency is the fact that we started out by livestreaming every meeting we had.

Debugging Under Fire

Two and a half years ago, simultaneously to starting the development of WW2, I adopted a strict workout routine and I have not missed a single session ever since. I did it in the cold winter; I did it in humid, tropical weather and I did it when I got sick. There was even a time when I was working out in a capsule hotel, where I wasn’t even able to stand up. However, I skipped my workout during these two weeks. These were the most intense weeks of my life. We were debugging day and night, racing against the clock. Such a high pressure, high stress, high stakes situation is not unfamiliar to seasoned software developers. Everyone will encounter these at one time. Here I’ll leave three rules for future me on how to conduct myself in such situations.

The Machine Is Running

I am proud of how the team got a grip on the situation. Special mention for the debut of Adam and Roland, because it was the first time they encountered a debugging under fire scenario with us. They’ve grown a lot in such a short time.

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