Unveiling WasabiGPT: The First AI Bitcoin Wallet

3 min readApr 2, 2023


We invented something and we have no idea what it is

Allow me to introduce you to WasabiGPT, the first AI Bitcoin wallet. It’s a unique concept that we’re excited to share with the world. Although the idea originates from one of my finest moments, while I was hacking about in the dawn of the generative AI revolution, I can take little to no credit for it, because I know all too well: an idea without action is just a dream. Rather the credit goes to Wieslaw Soltes, a fellow contributor to Wasabi Wallet, who did the heavy lifting of working out the details, writing the code and integrating ChatGPT into Wasabi itself.

Technically speaking, this is a paradigm shift in the world of money user interfaces, therefore we have no idea what we are doing, so our goal with this article is not to promote the product, but rather to receive feedback. We want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on this intriguing concept.

Wasabi Wallet is the only light-weight, non-custodial Bitcoin wallet today that provides all-around privacy for its users. WasabiGPT however does none of that. Not yet anyway. It is proof of concept for testnet that unlike the original Wasabi Wallet, it comes with zero privacy and provides absolutely no security guarantees whatsoever.
It’s a side quest to the mission of Wasabi Wallet, which is to empower sovereign individuals with financial privacy. As such, we’re not planning to integrate WasabiGPT into Wasabi Wallet unless there’s overwhelming interest. We’d rather encourage YOU to experiment with the concept and maybe even release your own product by adding security guarantees — and maybe privacy if it’s not too much to ask — by forking WasabiGPT.

- yo
- Speak, and I shall obey
- i wanna send money
- Who do you want to send money to?
- to my best friend
- Alright, is it Alice or Bob?
- noooooo, i hate those guys now, it’s satoshi
- I can’t find Satoshi in your contact list, please provide an address and I’ll add him
- bc1qpn5h7z87m46tp04749f0s90shg2rqrmzw3042l
- I added Satoshi to your contacts, how much money do you want to send?
- 5000
- Do you want to send 5000 satoshis to Satoshi?
- noooooooooooooooo, bitt koin
- Unfortunately you don’t have 5000 bitcoins. You only have 73 BTC
- i mean 5000 USD
- 5000 USD is 0.21 BTC. Would you like to give 0.21 BTC to Satoshi?
- yesss
- Your wish is my command. Done.



We’re thrilled to introduce WasabiGPT, the first AI Bitcoin wallet. It’s an exciting concept that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with our money. So.. what do you think? Does it have any merit or is it just a crazy idea from some oddballs that was never going to work in the first place?