ZeroLink Test Aftermath — Best Anonymity Set Successfully Achieved: 26, General Evaluation: Unsuccesful, Reason: Scaling Issues With Networking

Claiming The $10 Participation Reward

What Went Wrong?

Me, testing my own code


TX With 26 Anonymity Set

TXs with 7 anonymity sets

No Performance Issues

No Coins Lost

People Get Bech32

Event By Event

1. Experiment: Submitting to /r/DarkNetMarkets

2. Tweetstorm

3. Early Issues

4. I Realized The First Round Will Fail

5. 99 Anonymity Set Reached

6. 38 User Remained And Automatically Reconnected

7. Switch To Plan B

Moving Forward

Cross Platform Issues

Connectivity Issues

Balance Corruption/ Performance Issues

Improving ZeroLink Specification

Final Words




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